The 2005 Final Rule on travel management requires the Forest Service to designate roads and trails open to motorized vehicle use on MVUMs, along with any relevant closures or vehicle classes. The Travel Analysis Process (TAP) is a component of the 2005 Final Rule and provides a framework for route designation, along with information for potential inclusion in NEPA analysis and decision-making. In summary, TAP is an interdisciplinary process focused on the identification of need for change(s) to the existing transportation system across Forests and Districts. TAP reports provide recommendations for changes to the transportation system that decision makers may consider before beginning the NEPA process. The PSI completed a forest-wide TAP report in 2009, and TAP reports for each of their six Ranger Districts in 2013, 2014, and 2015. These data informed Alternative C and Alternative D in the travel management EIS. Complete report and tabular summaries of each Ranger District's TAP reports are provided below: