The formal public scoping comment period began on July 25 with the publication of the NOI, and was slated to run 45 days and end on September 8, 2016. The PSI, however, extended the scoping comment period by 15 days to September 23, 2016, thereby giving the public more time to submit comments on the proposed project. The final scoping report analyzing these comments was approved by the PSI in September 2017 and is available here. A summary of the scoping comments is provided below.

  • The PSI received a total of 1280 submittals during the public scoping comment period, including: 
    • 306 unique submittals
    • 974 form letters
  • Of the 1280 submittals, the PSI identified a total of 3870 unique comments, including:
    • 3501 substantive comments
    • 369 non-substantive comments
  • There were 1326 individual commenters, including those from the general public, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and government agencies. A list of these commenters and their affiliations, if any, are provided here.

The final scoping report provides complete text of all unique submittals, summarizes the comments by category, identifies public concern statements and issues that the PSI used to modify alternatives for consideration in the EIS, and provides next steps in the EIS process. These data were in the initial development of a draft EIS.