Following scoping, the PSI also prepared a working draft of Chapters 1 and 2 of the DEIS in late November 2017. These working drafts will be revised as appropriate throughout the EIS analysis, and are being provided to the public as an interim work product.

Along with draft Chapters 1 and 2, spreadsheets and maps showing the routes and areas to be analyzed during the DEIS (see below) are being made available to the public as interim work products as of April 2018.

Note that all the alternatives now include routes in INFRA that are not open to the public (administrative, special-use permit, or Maintenance Level 1) as a result of a 2017 PSI decision to analyze the minimum road system in this DEIS. Additionally, because Alternative A (the no action alternative) consisted of the public motorized routes on the latest MVUMs described in the settlement agreement and did not consider non-public routes, the PSI added all non-public routes from INFRA (as of March 2018) to this alternative for the DEIS analysis.