The Pike and San Isabel National Forests (PSI) cover over 2 million acres in central Colorado, including 20 of the state’s peaks over 14,000 feet in elevation. The PSI maintains roughly 2,500 miles of roads and trails across this rugged terrain and is in the process of determining how many of these routes will be open to motorized vehicles.



As a result of a 2015 settlement agreement, the PSI is preparing an EIS to consider which roads and trails should be open to public motorized vehicle use. The NEPA process began on July 25, 2016, and has included scoping related to a DEIS. 

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A report summarizing the scoping process is available here for review by the public. The PSI also approved publication of other scoping results, including working drafts of Chapters 1 and 2 of the DEIS, and tables with the draft DEIS alternatives. 

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The PSI is sharing data and maps with the public related to the 2015 settlement agreement, scoping process, and scoping results such as draft components of the DEIS. Additional data will continue to be added as analysis efforts progress. 

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As part of the travel management DEIS, the PSI is seeking input from individuals and organizations who can provide comments related to the nature and scope of the environmental, social, and economic issues, and possible alternatives. 

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Latest updates from the PSI!

July 2018We have provided maps below for the DEIS alternatives approved by Erin Connelly, PSI Forest Supervisor, in 2017. More details on the maps are provided in the initial data for the DEIS.

The PSI is currently analyzing these alternatives and may have minor changes posted on the next quarterly website update in early to mid September 2018. The public meetings to follow the release of the Draft EIS are anticipated in late January or early 2019; our next website update should include announcements on the time and place for these meetings.

April 2018New data is available from the PSI as shown below. More details are provided in the initial data for the DEIS.